Using an electronic signature for tenancy agreements and conveyancing.

“Our tenants now sign their contracts in the most simple way possible: electronically”

Astrid Schlüter, Vesteda Property Management

Some of our satisfied customers in the residential sector

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Corporate Social Responsibility and cost-efficiency are of paramount importance to real-estate investor Vesteda. In this context, processes have been automated as much as possible to fulfill Vesteda’s needs. Corporate Social Responsibility is achieved by reducing paper consumption as our service is completely cloud-based. Cost-efficiency is a natural by-product of reducing paper usage and postage stamps.

“A new world opens up for everyone”



Gapph specialises in the temporary management of vacant buildings. Whether it is a company building, church or a housing corporation’s abandoned buildings, Gapph ensures the right people work or live in these properties on a contractual basis. Before this, all the tenancy agreements were signed manually. Recently, this process has been digitalised with “A new world has opened for everyone” according to Paul Hogenbirk, BI-manager at Gapph.