Electronic signature in financial services

“For us, the transition to Evidos means that we have given even more meaning to the financial saying of ‘know your customer’ by taking it to the next level: digital.”

Bram Verheijen, product and market manager at BNP Paribas Personal Finance Netherlands

Some of our satisfied customers in the financial sector

Brown Shipley

Sign financial contracts electronically.

Customers in the financial sector assume that your organisation is keeping up with the times. So, save your customers the hassle of printing, scanning and posting when you make a financial agreement with them.

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“It is crucial to be certain of someone’s identity and bank account number when a person applies for a loan”

BNP Paribas Personal Finance:

“Signing with iDIN ensures we acquire all the necessary information about the client, such as the bank account ownership, post code, house number and date of birth. We also receive a transaction receipt from Signing.co.uk to confirm the signing process.”

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