Electronic signatures in the childcare sector

“I’m very pleased with this. It saves us a lot of paper, stamps and outdated hassle.”

Sign your childcare arrangements electronically.

Parents expect childcare facilities to keep up with the times. Therefore, you should ensure that they no longer have to print, scan and post their contracts for your services or standing orders.

With just a few clicks they can sign these agreements in a legally compliant manner using Signing.co.uk. What’s more, you’ll never have to wait again for the return of childcare contracts.

An electronic signature is unbelievably fast so expect to spend minutes, instead of days to process your contracts.

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This nursery benefits significantly from having their contracts returned with the parent(s)’s signature as soon as possible. Every day which passes without a spot filled is costing money. “You want to have an answer from the parents as soon as possible” stresses Flexxkids director Michiel Cornelissen.

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