About Signing.co.uk

Signing.co.uk is a cloud-based signing service powered by Evidos. Evidos stands for Evidence in Online Services, as we believe you can conduct business on the Internet in a safe way with the right tools. Evidos is the market leader for electronic signatures and identity verification.

Signing.co.uk & Evidos

Evidos is a trusted service provider offering a one-stop platform to guarantee the evidential value of your digital transactions. We support all types of electronic signatures defined under eIDAS regulation (Regulation (UE) Nº 910/2014), including advanced and qualified electronic signatures. We provide a wide range of signing methods to verify signer identities, including eIDAS compliant eID schemes.

Our motto

Do away with print, scan and post

We dislike inefficient business processes, love digital age thinking and want to replace every paper signature with a digital signature.

Specialist in digital signatures

We’re a party that provides solutions for digital signing. Our solutions are known for meeting the standards and for being easy to use and innovative.

For everyone and everywhere...

Our platform offers the most reliable and efficient way to create a digital signature. We don’t make a distinction between use in the office, on the road or at the front desk.

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